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Enlighten the Yurt
OUR PARTNERS - During our last visit to Taiwan, we met the most famous craftsman of lamps and Chinese lanterns in Tainan city. Our venerable host reaches 91 springs and passes on his knowledge to his disciples. They are in charge of the production of all kinds of Chinese lanterns and various calligraphy.

That's the production of this famous artist we have chosen to decorate the interior lighting of the Yurt.
They greatly contribute to the unique atmosphere of our mongolian home.

We try to maintain a certain harmony in the Yurt. The choice of materials and decorative items is essential. We wish to that the human aspect is predominant in the manufacture of them, unlike industrial productions, Swedish or others.
Bikers are welcome
Bikers are welcome. We are so possessed by the Yurt that the bike has even taken its logos and colours...
Unusual ...
Don't worry, that was the winter of the past years. It gives a special atmosphere to the place ...